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    How to correctly splice into shielding of multicore



      Using VeSys design, I am having difficulties with splicing into the shielding of a multicore cable. I have a wire going from the connector pin to the multicore symbol block  in the schematic.  VeSys creates a node there, but  when I export this data to VeSys Harness, it does not show the wire at all.  Any help is grealtly appreciated.






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          It really depends on how the multicore is constructed and terminated, does the multicore shield terminate directly in the connector or is something like a solder sleeve with a drain wire used?  To fully answer your question it may help to see the drawing, but here is what I typically do:-


          Assuming the shield is the braided type that goes into a connector you show this as a Wire or Screen wire (you can even change the line style as I have done so that it looks like a screen), this is then passed over to the harness and treated as a wire.  One key point to remember is that the shield (if you want it to appear and be used in the harness) will need 2 end points, so in my example my shield is terminated in C100-14 the other end which is NOT terminated finishes at a splice which I have labelled SHD_01 to indicate that it is a shield (this splice would be shown in VeSys Harness as a single cavity splice which acts as a place holder for the shhield wire).