how to control "View list" and "Stop list" in Calibre LVS netlisting

Discussion created by steve.martindell on Jul 2, 2013
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In Assura LVS you can control the schematic netlisting "View list" and "Stop list" with the Assura LVS "Netlist Options" panel.


But I don't see any similar netlisting options in Calibre Interactive - nmLVS v2011.1 that I am running.


Question: when running Calibre LVS from a Virtuoso Layout window, how does Calibre know where to stop netlisting

in the corresponding Virtuoso schematic ?


The reason I'm asking is the PDK I am using has an NCH_RF device that instantiates a regular NCH(both PDK components).

And when I run Calibre LVS,  I always get NCH in the schematic netlist and NCH_RF in the layout schematic. So it looks

like the schematic netlister(that Calibre LVS is using) is not stopping at the correct view.


And another question,  does Calibre LVS use the Cadence hnl netlister ?