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Query regarding conversion of 8-port single-ended S parameter model  to 4-port mixed(or differential) mode S-parameter model

Question asked by adityanc on Jul 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by patrick_carrier



I am using Hyperlynx line sim 8.2.1 version.


In my cross talk simulation of two differential signals, I am able to export 8 x 8 single ended S-parameter model to a *.s8p file. After that when I load the file in touchstone, I am not able to convert the 8x8 Single ended model into a 4x4 differential mode S-parameter matrix.


I tried converting a 4x4 single-ended S parameter model to a 2x2 mixed mode S-parameter model. For that it worked. The options got diaabled for 8x8 single ended S-parameter model.


Why are the options disabled??