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    Default Measurement units


      Default measurement units are set to metric (millimeters). It's applied to the harness design, but not to different dialog boxes, like the property text dialog. There we get inches by default. It even has no effect In some dialogs, like on jump menus of measurement units within text properties dialog window.

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          Is this dialog coming from VeSys 2.0 Harness or VeSys 2.0 Symbol (it doesn't look like a VeSys 2.0 Harness dialog)?

          Within Harness the two settings for unit of measure are... 1) when you create the design/diagram you can specify the units 2) within the style you can define the units for all the decorations.

          Within Symbol the default is INCH but you can set all your comment symbols to use a physical scale (Layout > Grid > Set Grid Defaults...) there you can set the scale to be MM.  You can do this for all your symbols within a single VeSys 2.0 Symbol library (see below).


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            I opened the dialog from within VeSys 2.0 Symbol installed on a Windows XP workstation but now I see where's the problem. Thank you for support.