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Downloading PADS PE-L Suite

Question asked by dominicw on Jul 10, 2013
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After recently reformating my PC, I was unable to find the installation files to suit our PADS licence. We now have declined support and only need to software to open up old PCB files on an occassional basis. Where am I able to download the installation files? I have filed in a 'Patch Request Form', but I was only able to select PADS Logic / PADS Layout and not the entire Suite. Subsequently, I was unable to select a specific version number. Please help.




# P/N     Description                              Item Qty

# ------- ---------------------------------------- --------------

#         Feature Name               Version  Exp. Date  Ser. Nbr


# 222131  PADS PE-L Suite Stn SW                   1     

#         padspel_c                  2008.100 12/30/2013 14452553