Is the manufacturing group being heard?

Discussion created by mark_laing on Aug 22, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2008 by moshe_nathan

With today's PCB designs, understanding the impact of that design on manufacturing is critical to bringing products to market. However, how easy or difficult is it for the process and test engineers at the sharp end of manufacturing to be able to provide their input on new designs at a point when they can be heard and acted on and not just used as possible input on a future revision.


I would be interested to hear how successful the manufacturing community is at being able to give feedback on future designs at the different stages of the evolution of a PCB design from Bill of Materials, to schematic to final layout.


  • Do you only get to review the PCB layout once it is completed?

  • Do you get a chance to review Bill Of Materials for potential part issues and the usage of those parts in assembly?

  • Do test engineers provide input on test strategies during schematic or layout?

  • Is Design For Assembly analysis performed after component placement in layout or after routing?