Design entry, does it meet your needs?

Discussion created by Gary_Lameris on Aug 22, 2008
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At this time, schematic CAD packages have existed for more than 30 years.  Many packages have been bought out and merged into other systems, some have taken on life in small specialized roles, and others have tried to be all things to all users.


My background is in PCB and Spice packages, and a lot of different features have been in many packages. One package for spice features layers that can be turned on and off so that different blocks could be simulated in different ways without changing the base circuit.  A component on one layer may or may not be on other layers.  A second package lets the designer draw a net over and through components and it automatically connects every vertex that is not blocked by a component and for those that are blocked will create a new net for very quick connections.  Several schematic packages now allow spreadsheet type inputs with no graphical requirement at all.



I would be interested in your thoughts on how to improve and develop better design entry methods.


* Are today's Schematic packages meeting your needs?
* Is the output easy to share?


  • What types of outputs are required?

  • Does your design entry need to power several different tools such as both PCB and simulation?