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    PCB Decal is Missing.  Why?


      I am using PADS 9.3.1.  I have a PCB design that has all of the parts in the correct locations.  There is a connector for which I created the CAE Decal and the PCB Decal.  When I created the PCB Decal, I created the copper pads and added the terminals and associated each terminal with the appropiate pad.  Now when looking at the PCB design the connector is not there.  The terminals are showing but the pads are not.  I can RMB->Select Components and select the connector.  When I do that the terminals are highlighted.  How can I fix this?  I need the copper pads for the connector.

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          So did you figure this out?  I see SMD pads on the top layer and routing on the bottom layer.  That isn't going to work very well without some vias.  Did you mean to route on the top layer?


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            Yes I discovered that I was looking at the bottom layer.  When I switched to the top layer the connecter pads appeared.  Now my question is why did the other PCB decals show even though I was looking at the bottom layer?


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              Actually, all of your parts appear to be surface mount (top side) parts, but as jduquette mentioned, all of the routing is on the opposite side.  That is also why the error markers appear.  If these are truly surface mount devices, they will not have 'plating' checked in the decal padstack.  For the part in question, I see no need to associate copper, just define the pins/padstacks as you have.