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DxDesigner Bill Of Materials

Question asked by grant.downie on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by michael.weinberg

Dear Sir/Madam,

What is the procedure to get a BOM from DxDesigner?

I have tried running part lister but that writes out a file with only a couple of entries.


Part Lister output for BACKPLANE

Generated on Thursday, July 18, 2013

#   QTY   Part Number   Description                    Value      Ref Designator


1    1   G000000145    25MHz/50ppm/18pF/ESR 40R/FUND             Y3          

2   118  PN            1-Position Slide Switch,       ,,,,,,,,,, FB1-FB11,   

                        1-Position Slide Switch,       ,,,,,,,,,, J1-J79,L1-L4,

                        1-Position Slide Switch,       ,,,,,,,,,, S1-S8,T1,   

                        1-Position Slide Switch,       ,,,,,,,,,, U4-U16,Y1,Y2

                        1-Position Slide Switch,       ,,,,,,,,,,             

                        1-Position Slide Switch (SPDT) ,,,,,,,,,,             

                        ,                              ,,,,,,,,,,             

                        1K/0603 (1608)/0A8 Ferrite Bea ,,,,,,,,,,             

                        d,                             ,,,,,,,,,,             

                        2-Position Slide Switch (DPDT) ,,,,,,,,,,             

                        ,                              ,,,,,,,,,,             

                        2:16 Low Additive Jitter LVDS  ,,,,,,,                



                        3-17V 3A Step-Down Converter,


Regards Grant