Laptop's with 2 Graphics Cards

Discussion created by Jerry_Suiter on Jul 19, 2013



I would like to point out a situation where some high performance laptops have two grpahics cards and sometimes you do not get the expected performance because the system does not correctly switch to the high performance hardware automatically. 


In order to setup Expedition PCB to use the high performance graphics cards on the new Dell Latitude and Precision laptops, do the following:


Within the start menu you can choose to run with the (default) or a specific graphics card.  My latitude had Integrated graphics as default.




If you select Change Default graphics processor, it will allow you to change Expedition PCB so it defaults to the High-performance NVIDIA processor.  This is under the NVIDIA control panel.



You will have to download the NVIDIA drivers since this option does not appear with the default Windows drivers supplied with the OS.