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Question asked by g.yvraut on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by g.yvraut

Hello  Everyone

I could not find informations in the documentation about the following topics. I would appreciate is someone can point me to the appropriate document or provide me with indication on how to do.

Just if it matters, I am using STM32F4Discovery board or bare metal STM32F40x processors.

1) How to view peripherals in debug mode.

I can create an "xml" file like the one provided in some examples (like the STM3210C-EVAL\periph\std_periph_lib_examples.xml). Is it sufficient and how can I then associate the file to the debugger so that the peripherals shows up in the debug view?


2) I am using STMicroelectronics code that embed "Doxygen" type comments. Is it possible to have those displayed in some "help window" when a source file is selected?


3) Is 'newlib-nano" supported? 

I tried including "--specs=nano.specs" in the link option, but got error message.

If not supported, are their plans to make them available in a near future (with optimisation set to none, this nano lib saves me 100kBytes of code allowing use of smaller processor footprint).