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Packager coughing up rippers

Question asked by michael.j.holmes on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by fireraizor

Have a design that passed the Packager previously. Made a couple minor edits, and now every bus ripper in the design is generating the following errors:


ERROR: Block ABC, Page 16, Symbol ripper:

No part data.

No Part Number, Part Name, nor Part Label has been entered.

Please enter some data to enable packaging.


ERROR: Block ABC, Page 16, Symbol ripper:

Duplicate symbol reference ripper on page.

Please replace duplicate symbols.


447 errors like this. Not clear why it's an odd number.


None of my edits were anywhere near a bus. I can't seem to find two rippers with the same reference, either.


I found this tech note:


But I did not change ripper symbols mid design as it suggests as a cause, and running the ripper update twice (and then a few times more) did not fix the issue.


I went in and deleted and redrew several ripped nets, but they still error out.


I have an email into our librarian to see if it's something on that end. It's like the ripper symbol itself is messed up in the central library.