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How to configure DxDesigner verify drc-003 to find wrong RefDes format only?

Question asked by Andreas.Schaefer on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by MENTOR_Shannonk


our referebce designator format is e.g. 100X00 or 230D10.

So regular expression would be like \u\u\u\d\u\u (see documentation for this short cuts).


This is set in the common properties of our library too.


In DxDesigner I now would like to configure Verify rdc-003 to find wrong RefDes values only or

all values different than set in library configuration.


The example (content of the ini file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


  <FlowType Name="Expedition"/>




      <Group Name="Migration">

        <Check Name="PropertyValueInvalid" State="Enabled" Severity="Warning">

          <Option Name="attr_val_format" Value="\u\u\u\d\u\u"/>







finds those, but alos complains about all other properties, not having format "\u\u\u\d\u\u".


Is there a way to configure the verify drc-003 only to search for RefDes values?

This would hopefully speed up the search.