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    DFM Analysis tool


      I am reviewing the documentation on using the DFM analysis tool and find it somewhat difficult understand. I am looking to see if there are any tutorials out there I can follow. Also, is this tool worth getting. I am also going to look into the DFM tool for CAM350. Anybody have experience with either. I like the idea of the Pads tool being integrated in the pads layout tool.


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          Normally,  DFM tool turtorial is abot teaching you how to use the tool, there are less or no introductions about DFM contents. If your interest is only for usage of DFM took like Mentor Vsure, there is a turtorial coving most of DFM/DFT/DFA. otherwise, you may have to check IPC standards  or get access to Vsure's marketing materials on Mentor site.


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