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Teardrop generation over SMD pads

Question asked by provostp on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2013 by provostp

I'm using 9.5 revision.

I don't want any teardrop over all SMD pads on my board.


It's OK for 0403/0603 chip components but teher are teardrops over more exotic SD parts. Why ?


When I select one pad any delete teardrop.  After I regenerate, PADS recreates all teardrops I just deleted. there is no memory of places I don't want teardrop.


Sometimues teardrop generation creates clearance errors: teardrop generation doesn't check if rules are met over nets where teardrop is added. It should do.


is there any way to solves the three listed problems about teardrop ?