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    Using Sourcery Analyzer




      How to use Mentor Embedded Sourcery Analyzer tool? I wanted it to analyse CPU usage and for Performance analysis.


      Could anyone help me out with this?


      I am using Nucleus ReadyStart(Nucleus RTOS) Soucery Codebench IDE v2012.09-85. I am running this IDE in my Windows 7 system.





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          Found solution. Hope It will help others.



          First of all, application and system project must have trace enabled.  That is done using this config option:




          Profiler Configuration and Trace Data Acquisition:


          Nucleus profiler configuration menu is available as a part of the debug launch. At the time of debug launch creation the user can configure the profiler by switching to the profiler tab and making necessary configuration choices.


          • Ø In C/C++ Explorer, right click on the application project.

          • Ø Select Debug As > Nucleus Application.

          • Ø Configure the debug configuration on the debug tab.

          • Ø Switch to the Profiler tab.

          • Ø Select Enable Profiler.

          • Ø For trace communications over the Debug Interface, no physical connections are required. Trace communications will occur over the debug interface to the target (this could be JTAG). Select the Debug Interface. This can also be done with nu.os.svcs.trace.comms = 0 (or) 1-Serial (or) 2-Ethernet. You need to do special configuration for enabling serial or Ethernet. Refer pages 457 of Kernel Guide.

          • Ø Apply > Debug


          Suspend the debug session at any point of time. Click->Visualize trace.


          • Ø The Nucleus section of the palette provides Nucleus specific analysis agents for visualization of kernel run-time.

          • Ø Nucleus application run-time can be filtered and visualized using the Filter Agents provided from the purpose in the Agents palette

          • Ø Software Agents : interrupt latency during software run-time, analysis of CPU utilization during run time

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            Anand -


            We are glad you found the information you were looking for. We hope you have a productive experience with Sourcery Analyzer and look forward to your feedback.