LVS report errors

Discussion created by lakshmiprashanth555 on Aug 7, 2013




          I'm running calibre lvs in batch mode.


          I'm running full chip calibre lvs only for standard cells and lvs box ing every thing. The standard celll lvs got passed in some other lvs verification tool and calibre is also not reporting lvs issure with the standard cells.

          The problem, calibre tool is reporting some unwanted opens. The issue is as follows:


DISC#  LAYOUT NAME                                               SOURCE NAME


1    ** missing net **                                         Xpri/Xttop/FE_UNCONNECTED_56405



     The above net is logical net, where the net has no destinatination to connect.  I've checked the netlist where ttop block has port name "A" and net FE_UNCONNECTED_56405 is defined for that, where that net is connected no where.


     So these logical net errors has to be supressed. I've searched in calibre manual for finding the command, but i didn't find anything. So please help me with it.