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What PCB Functional Simulation Tutorials Would You Like to See?

Question asked by dave_brady on Sep 8, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2010 by c.alscher

If you review one of my earlier Blogs "All PCB Designers using SPICE are Invited!" hopefully I made the point clear that you are free to discuss any SPICE based PCB functional simulator within this community.


I tend to focus on HyperLynx Analog as this is my preferred solution:







  • EZwave waveform viewing and analysis tutorials






    • How to use a downloaded SPICE model from the web


    • A complete design creation and simulation setup tutorial based on a simple R-C circuit


I'm working on a few more tutorial examples at the moment. Visit again to see the new additions


The question that popped into my mind: What tutorials would you like to see?


If you leave a response to this question I will read it and while I will not promise a fast tutorial generation process I will prioritize your input!

This community site is not intended to be a design service or a replacement for MGC's customer support but if you offer a general interest tutorial topic the odds are good that I will accommodate your suggestion.


For those of you who are experts with other SPICE based PCB functional simulation tools do not hesitate to create your own tutorials and post them here. All sharing is welcome.