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    Issue assigning PCB Decal and Importing to PADS Layout


      I am experiencing two issues with DxDesigner/PADS Layout while attempting to forward my schematic information to PADS layout.  I found related discussions, but none that helped me resolve my issues.  Any help is appreciated.


      Using PADS9.5


      Issue 1:  Unable to assign a PCB Decal to symbol using PADS Decal Browser

      When I click Apply to Symbol in PADS Decal Browser, the PKG_TYPE property is not populated with my selection.



      Issue 2:  Warning "Attribute type PKG_TYPE not found, free text attribute assumed" when importing .asc into PADS Layout

      The steps I take are:

      1. Manually enter the PCB Decal name in the PKG_TYPE property to work around previous issue.
      2. Run PCB Interface -- Create Netlist for Layout (Forward to Layout)
      3. In PADS Layout Library Manager, import .p file and verify part type has an associated decal.
      4. Import .asc file to PADS Layout.  At this point I receive the following ascii.err file pop-up and warning message.

      Reading file --  C:\PADS Projects\TestProject30\MyProject.asc


      PART U1

      Warning: Attribute type PKG_TYPE not found, free text attribute assumed




      Despite the warning, everything appears to import fine.  Why am I receiving the warnings?