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    I can not find the schematic file on my harddisk.


      My platform is windows XP. I used the dxdesigner of PADS2007.3 to creat a new project 'A' by netlist flow, also added a new schematic'A.1'. All things seemed like good and normal.

      Unfortunately, when I intended to make a copy of the schematic and send it to my coworker, I found that the schematic file did not locate in the folder 'SCH'  by project directory.

      It even could not be searched out on my harddisk.


      Even worse,  It was the same issue when I created another ones.


      Where is the file stored by DxDesigner? Anybody could help me?

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          Hi Maxwell,



          When you create a new Project in DxD you can name the project and specify a location in the New Project dialog. This creates the following directories:



          wir, lock, sch, sym & pkt in the desired location.



          You can then create a new schematic in that project. Your schematic should be in the sch directory.









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            thanks,  barry

            What you mentioned is for DxD in 2007.2 pads flow. In 2007.2, i did the work by that way and the schematic did reside in sch folder. But, it's different from PADS2007.3. The DxD in 2007.3 is a new version differ from pre ones.

            I doubt that the 2007.3 is like a beta version with many changes, such as file storage structure.

            Would it be that?

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                You are correct.  PADS 2007.3 DxDesigner uses a database to store the design not a file structure. You will notice that there is no longer any need to "save" the design as the design is directly updated in the database.


              It took me a little while to get used to the new DxDesigner because I kept trying to save my design... even when I fully knew the command was no longer necessary.  It was a "habit" that took some time to break.


              So, there is no schematic file on your hard disk with PADS 2007.3.  Now that I have been using this version of DxDesigner for some time, I really like it.  There is absolutely no opportunity to loose work as design changes actively update the database in real time.  Even if your computer crashes your latest design changes are stored in the database --> No loss of design data.

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                Thanks for your nice answer, Dave

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                  To find a design, look for the subdirectory in which it is stored.  This should be evident in Project Navigator or on the title bar of DxDesigner.   Simply zip the design folder up and send it to your co-worker.  Your co-worker can unzip it in any folder he desires, and simply click on the .prj file to open the design.  If he is updating the design and needs library access, then access the setup settings project and update only the search paths.  With the new cached symbols, it is much easier in this version to send a design to a coworker.



                  Gary Lameris






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                    Hi Gary,


                        I have a Dx-Designer schematic in Expedition 2007.7 which has 5 block. Each block has more than 10 sheets. I would like to split up my work with others and merge my work later from others. In earlier version of Dx-Designer schematic there will be a "sch"  directory which contains each and every page of the schematic. I can share my work with anyone and copy the particular schematic sheet in the "sch"I directory, so that the schematic will get update. In latest version there is no such a directory. How to share my work others and merge my work? If it is possible, where I need to place (directory or folder) the modified schematic page from my coworker and update?



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                      You may want to take a look at the concurrent design capabilities available in this version of DxDesigner. This allows multiple users to work in the same project at the same time. For a quick overview take a look at these webinars on Mentor.com




                      You will need to do some system configuration in order to get this to work but the benefits are well worth the effort. Documentation is provided in the Concurrent Design Administrator’s Guide shipped with the documentation (icdb_admin.pdf).


                      If you do not want to enable concurrent design then the only way to partition the design is to create separate projects (copy the existing x times)  and then edit separately and merge the schematics into a master project later using copy-paste. There are no separate schematic files to manipulate as you did in earlier versions.