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    EE7.9.4 Update发布!


      EE7.9.4 Update 16发布了!

      现在,EE7.9.4 Update 16可以通过Suppornet的以下链接下载了!





      l  DMS

      dts0100975553 - Unable to start DMS from web start using EE7.9.4 and Java 1.7 update 25


      l  Valor NPI

      dts0100971547 - EE: Netlist Compare run in Pin Point mode issues "dml_net-212001-Memory allocation problem"

      dts0100974582 - EE: Component analysis (with silkscreen check) get memory allocation error and halt in v9.1

      dts0100974051 - EE: BOM Manager invocation requires adjustment

      dts0100974557 - EE: Perl script ended with errors when running LMC "chklist_create".


      l  Smart Utilities

      dts0100957811 - Execute Process in Curved Teardrops removes some of the traces connected to the net when placing teardrops. Regression from 7.9.3.

      dts0100948022 - EXP- Curved Teardrops crashing once I hit Process