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Error 5834 and 5736 from PCB interface when assigning reference designators

Question asked by alex.ballantyne on Aug 21, 2013
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I'm hoping someone has seen this issue before....


I've picked up a design to make some changes for a new revision of the board.

I've made my changes and I now need to run the PCB interface to set the reference designators for the components I''ve added.


The board runs through my verify checks and DxDiagnostics runs error-free.


However, the PCB interface fails with the following message:


pcb: Note 5996: Using Config File C:\MentorGraphics\7.9.5IND\SDD_HOME\standard\pads95.cfg

pcb: Warning 5720: Check Top_Block_Level.err for VIEWBASE messages

pcb: Error 5834: Instance $3I53 on Schematic P_TRIB_CIRCUITS does not exist. Check uid string $3I211\$7I9\$3I53 - Top_Block_Level. There may be a name clash between the schematic in which this instance occurs, and another schematic of the same name in your library search order.

pcb: Error 5736: Could not find object $3I211\$7I9\$3I53 of type FUNC on schematic Top_Block_Level

pcb: Note 5626: Summary of Log Files/pcb.err

Status 1, Notes 1, Warnings 1

Errors 2, Failures 0, Fatals 0, Internals 0


I've searched for $3I211\$7I9\$3I53 and sure enough, it doesn't seem to be present in the design.


So, my question is: why is DxD looking for this comonent and what can I do about it!