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Total newbie!

Question asked by knoppsson on Aug 26, 2013
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I'm a total newbie at this.


I have three programs recently installed.


These are PADS Logic (where I've managed to draw a simple test schematic), PADS Layout (where I've managed to place the components in what I think is a double-sided PCB) and PADS Router (where I've managed to manually route some of the connections).


Everything works fine until I try autorouting or even manually routing some of the connections.


I understand that these connections cannot be routed "across" the other connections (i.e I get a clearance warning).


But how do I tell the router to use the other side?


And why does not the (auto)router understand this?


I obviously have some settings wrong.


But there are so many of them


Best regrads, Roger


Where and how do I set the actual size of the PCB? I want to use EU-sizes only.