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    How to change print orientation


      I'm a long time DC user, and can't find the equivalent to the print setup option  (DxD EE7.9.4 Update 6) .  For people who haven't used DC - before printing, you select paper size and orientation in this dialogue box.


      In DxD, there just seems to be "Print".  There is no option to select the paper orientation, so all of our documents come out printed in portrait, even though they are all landscape drawings.  Where do you change this?  I tried the "help" docs, but they don't help - they even say to click the help button in the print dialogue, but there isn't one!!!


      At the moment, we can at least export a PDF - but this has it's own problems - the PDF is printed as A2 paper size, and Adobe Acrobat 9 expects you to have an A2 printer to print it - you have to dive through obscure menus to tell it to print on A3 paper, and scale it to fit.

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          Do you get a Print Dialog like the attached? You can  change the settings from the Properties button in this dialog.

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            Yes, that is the dialogue box that I get.  I notice that you don't have the "help" button either


            The properties button brings up the properties of the printer (it's a Xerox ColourCube).  I have been doing a lot of playing with the custom and advanced menus in the printer driver.  Most of the settings e.g. changing the original page size or orientation warns you that they are normally set by the application and may not have any effect.


            It seems to only get upset when you print on A3 paper.  Then you get an A4 sized print in the middle of an A3 sheet.


            If anyone else has the same problems, I eventually found a solution that works.  You have to define a custom paper size, you have to tell the printer to print on A3, to autoscale, to centre the print, and especially important, you have to tell it that the original is A4 sized and Landscape - these 2 seem to be important - if you tell the printer to use the size/orientation that the application says the page is, it doesn't work - you have to override them!


            It not sure that it really makes sense to have to set the paper size and orientation on the printer - for example in Word etc., each page can have a different size and/or orientation - Word tells the printer the size/orientation to use for each page - imagine having to print out your Word document 1 page at a time, diving into the printer settings to tell the printer what size/orientation Word has used for each page!

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              This seems to be an issue with Xerox printers, we've had other reports of issues with other printers of this brand though we've not had enough information to investigate it further.