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    How to change Layout template?


      Is it possible to change Layout template in case when routing is almost done?

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          It depends on what your template is. If you only use templates in the central libraries, you have to use circuit copy/paste to change template. There is alternative for updating board outline where you only create mechanical part type for board outline instead of template type, so you are able to upgrade your board outline versatitlly

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            What are you want to change the layout, size or change the layout, the main change is the index of the default template. The HTM and head. The HTM.

            Find the two files there are two ways:

            1) direct access to your FTP site, files and directories under/templets/default/revised upload downloaded to a local coverage.

            2) login to DEDE background, found in the template management file click modify can online editing, suggest to save the source file, in case can be restored after the modification of error.

            or if you want another effect,HuaQiang(net) little c is willing to continue to service for you