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    How to tell version of DxDesigner files


      I have a set of schematics that I downloaded from Xilinx, they are a reference design. But I don't know what DxDesigner they are for. How can I tell?


      I am using DxDesigner 9.3.1. Also the set of schematics don't seem to have a project (.prj) file.


      Any thoughts on what these might be?



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          Do the schmatics have a .dproj file, then they are 2005 era schematics and can be opened by DxDesigner 2005.3 or migrated to the current release of DxDesigner if the symbols paths are correct.  On a design I looked at last week, some symbols were not included and the migration could not occur.


          If there is no .dproj file, then they are pre 2005 schematics, and require minor additional steps to open in the current releases.


          Current versions of DxDesigner cache the symbols in the design file, eliminating the issue of missing symbols in the design.