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    Move component Without moving associated traces






      In expedition when I am moving any component then it moves/modify all related traces.



      Is ther any option to disable that?



      Here is example screenshot.





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          I don't think you can turn it off (and I think you will find it to be a useful feature in MOST cases)



          but here is a (PITA) way to get around it if you really want to preserve your traces: (I've used this when I want to replace a part without destoying my routing)



          Maybe you have noticed that in routing mode, if you click on a trace and then click a different spot on the same trace, it highlights just the segment between the clicks, (you can delete this segment of course). If you click a pad and then click the trace just outside the pad border, it will highlight the segment inside the pad and you can delete it. In this way I "clip out" a part without affecting any routes.



          The picture you provided looks like it has fanout vias, so you can easily delete those and keep all the routing up to the fanout, right? In fact, in all of your traces are fanned out, you can just draw a selection window around all your pads and hit the delete key.



          hope that helps, Jack



          p.s. I think someone showed my once how to draw a rule window or a routing keepout or something like that, and then "clip" everything up to the window edge, but I rarely have a need for that and can't remember what it was.



          Does anyone know that trick?



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            you can use "Circuit Move & Copy" feature selecting only parts objects in the filter tab.



            After you selected the desired part, you can move it with "F2". ( If some Mentor guy is listening... Please add the possibility in CM&C, to move selections also with arrow keys and not only with F2 )



            Anyhow, I believe that this could be an enhancement request that could be very useful ( i.e. Move a component without use CM&C )



            Hope that helps,






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              Hi Bortolo,


              you are right. The solution with CMS is not practicable for single components.


              Also the use of the F keys for ripping up segments is dissatisfying.


              For sure we need to push the Mentor guys for a faster solution.




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                First of all, nice to see you have joined the Mentor Community.  I have some comments to your response about using CMC to solve this request. 



                If you use Move Part it takes 2 steps, select the component, then move.  The other option is to drag on the component which is one step after selecting Place Mode.  If we implement an enhancement to this it would add one more step to choose to disconnect the traces while the part is on the cursor.



                Using CMC is 3 steps.  Select the component, select CMC, then select Move.  Please help me understand why using CMC to solve this problem is not practical.  Does this situation arise often causing the user to move between CMC and Place modes?






                Jerry Suiter

                Product Marketing Manager Expedition / Xtreme PCB



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                  what about to use a conbination of keys?

                  Press "Alt" and drag component or "Alt + F2".

                  More simple.









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                    Hi All,


                    CMC is a very goot tool. Fantastic capabillities. OK, "Move already placed parts is missing :-(.

                    If Jerry says this are only thre steps this is right, but it takes to much time for single components.


                    So just for moving a single part, wich is already connected all the steps are much to time consuming.

                    We really need an improvement here.

                    Fast, easy to use.


                    In move component (F2) you already have the capabillity to "rip up segment" (F-key) but why the hell I still have some segments plus a via

                    on my GND pin, when hitting it?


                    My idea, just for discussion:

                    - Select component, hit F2 for move

                    - Hit some key to really rip up last segment (ALT+F2 sounds nice).

                    - before releasing, hit another/same key, the magic one. Then by releasing the mouse button all the room the component stuff (pads, vias) will occupy can be freed from e.g. traces, vias.

                    I know, Jerry, all this can by done by automation , in theory. (By the way, a topic for that is missing in the community)


                    Also when moving part with the arrow keys (we do that very often) a solution is needed.


                    Hey, we could start a blog here, for doing that by automation. (Is Kendall Hiles in the community?? We probably also would need Toby Rimes to manage the shortcut keys)




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                      "Alt + F2"  works!!



                      Thanks to all



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                        Using tool just like dirving car.  Everyone can drive car, but less be a car winner.  I have met a lot of guy who are new to Expedtionpcb, they always have lot of complains about Expedtionpcb. I have showed them how to use the tool to get what they wanted. I told them that you should love your tool and get to know the behavior of the tool, finnally you should can drive your tool to get productivity. It's not possibele everything is described in online help and not the tool be designed specially for the individual.