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Transitioning from DC(Design Capture) to Dx Designer?

Question asked by chris.smith on Sep 17, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2009 by nagaraj.gc

I would like to open a discussion regarding transitioning from DC to Dx Designer for schematic capture:


At National Instruments we have been using Design Capture since the days of when it used to be Aceplus/Cadnetix; so needless to say we have an extensive

Library and engineering product folders with the following:


15,926 individual schematic symbols

3,452 cell footprints

12,141 PDBs (Parts Databases)


I have heard a mix of user opinions in the past such as "wait as long as you can- until you have to move" or wait a few more revision cycles because of the quantity of code changes/enhancements. We are willing to move forward to Dx if the translators are stable, quality of data is clean without need for workarounds etc.


I personally have concerns about the "ease of translation" if they are using EDIF to migrate schematics. I have seen allot of other tools turn some features into garbage with the 2.0 formats.


I understand Mentor will continue to support DC as long as the customer base is paying support but we don't want to be in a situation where there is an abrupt change in policy or stay on a capture tool that is "dormant" if all of the development is focused towards Dx.


If you have experienced the growing pains & Gains what are some of your observations?



Q. What pitfalls did you discover in your attempt/success in migration?

ex. requirements in reviewing all symbols (did you find problems with mirror views etc), issues with buss rippers going from DC>EDIF>Dx translator.


Q. Did you require an on-site AE in order to run the translators?

I really wanted to see a seamless translator that anyone could run (comparable to the VB98 migration tool) vs. ton of scripts & manual tasks.


Q. How long did it take you to actually translate and roll out Dx to your teams?


Q. Have you experienced problems since Dx is CES only vs. DC which still allows netclasses/netproperties (stability factor)


Q. What where the gains vs. losses in the migration (symbol wizards, script abilities)


Feel free to share whatever you deem to be reasonable & Thanks


Chris Smith

Application Support Analyst

National Instruments