LVS problem with abstract views (black box)

Discussion created by Sebastien on Sep 10, 2013
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I have a problem with calibre LVS on a layout that uses abstract views. The layout extraction doesn't see the IN/OUT pins of the abstract views (i use the option LVS BOX cellName) .

The abstract view is just a metal1 design (no component) with I/O pins. I created these abstract views from a lef file.

For example, I get this following error message :

INV was treated as an LVS Box






(Cells with the same ( or corresponding ) name that have different signal

pin names are listed below.  Pins that do not appear in all corresponding

cells in both source and layout are ignored by the comparison algorithm.)


Layout Component Type:  INV (0 pins)

No Extra Pins.


Source Component Type:  INV (2 pins): a z

Source Extra Pins:      a z


Is there an option in calibre to identify the pins of an abstract view (keep pins on floating net) or do you know a method to match an empty layout (only metal design with I/O pins) with a shematic view ?

I would like to verify the cell connections and not the content of cells


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