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    Drill drawing with hole table


      PADS has the ability to generate a drill drawing with a hole table (under File-CAM).

      But the output is a gerber file. Is there a way to generate a standard DXF or DWG file?


      Thank you,



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          Hi Boris,

          Unfortunately you can't generate this table directly from PADS. The workaround is to generate gerber file, import in some CAM system (CAM350 for example) and export dxf from it.

          Good luck!

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            Is there any other way to create a PDF from PADS layout with the “Drill” image as shown below for use as a drill drawing document?

            Currently I am using three separate programs and five individual steps, the proceedure is as follows.

            1) Cam Document gerber of the Drill Drawing [Mentor]

            2) Exporting DXF [CAM350]

            3) Importing DXF [Mentor]

            4) Creating PDF [Mentor]

            5) Inserting newly created file to existing document [ADOBE]





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              If all you want is the PDF you can output to Adobe directly from PADS CAM. There are several ways to get a PDF of the drill drawing like you show, especially since you appear to have Adobe Acrobat (or equivalent) and CAM350.


              If you want to see the chart in the layout, you will need to use the D3T script.



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                Yes C i agree and as illustrated in my past post there are work around's.Boris you are correct you can not create a PDF of the drill layer and chart in PADS. Boris may I suggest downloading the free CAM350 viewer, load PADS generated CAM and print to PDF use CAM350 as a utility for reason unknown that Mentor Graphics has not been willing or able to provide.

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                  You can gen the drill drawing directly from PADS. No work-arounds necessary if you have a PDF printer driver (free on the net).



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                    Thanks C, I was using PDF complete which did not work however I downloaded PDF light and it worked.

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                      PADS has a drill-layer that can be turned on and be exported as a DXF or vritually andy other format. However, when I've turned this layer on, I get the holes, vias, etc, but not the dill symbols representing the different drill sizes. I'm guessing there is additional work that needs to be done, perhaps in the pad definition menu?


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                        Not necesarily extra work. PADS (and other lower end CAD systems) are not able to display Drill Symbols & the Drill Table within the CAD file, the only time that is generated is on an output function.

                        i.e. in CAM you can output to gerber, output to a plot file, or output to a printer (if you have a PDF printer installed that will of course directy go to PDF then).

                        The above output is, I believe, the ONLY operation that will actually generate the Drill Symbols & the Table.


                        Within the CAD file there are a number of export formats NONE of which will generate the Drill Symbols & Drill Table.

                        There is also under "File" menu create PDF, this will also NOT generate the Drill Symbols & Drill Table.


                        Personally I wish at the very least the "Create PDF" function could also do this, I think a major oversight by Mentor.


                        So if you are going to use some other CAD tool to do your drafting, the only output to generate drill symbols/table is to gerber or HPGL (print) then into a CAM tool that will output to DXF etc.

                        I think it is way too cumbersomb to use a second tool for this, so use CAM to plot a fab dwg direct to PDF.


                        There is really nothing else to do withing CAD library other than actually defining the drill size that would affect this output.


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                          Thank you Bob for your explanation.  However, I'm left with the question of why then is there a Drill-Drawing layer in PADS if I'm not able edit it nor does it provide any useful information?



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                            No problem, well yes IF you are going to use ONLY PADS to do all of your documentation output then that is the layer to use when

                            adding any fab notes, details, stack up info, etc. Becuase when the tool outputs drill table & symbol it is also that layer they will be on.

                            I tend to use a separate layer for my Dwg Format (B-Size, C-Size etc) so that only one layer needs contain that same data.

                            I then on Assy layers & Drill Dwg layer add part numbers etc also.

                            Note of course if doing double sided assemblies within PADS bottom assy will require another dwg format mirrored I put that on bottom assy layer.

                            But I know many who use the particular layer for dwg format ie Assy Top, Assy Bot & Drill Dwg & Panel Dwg.


                            If however you are going to output gerber for fab dwg bring into another tool to export DXF, then import to a 2D Mech CAD tool of your choice to do all your documentation there then

                            yes that layer is only important in that it is the layer the drill table and symbols will be on when doing the gerber.


                            There are a number of ways to generate documentation, some even put all of the fab notes&requirements for fab into a separate Word Doc to provide to vendors.

                            It really depends on what works best for your company flow.


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                              David Ricketts

                              There is a 3rd party tool that does an excellent job of handling fab and assembly drawings. It's called Blueprint, and was created by former employees of PADS from before the Mentor buyout. It combines text editing tools similar to Word, drawing tools similar to Visio, automatic dimensioning tools, and imports PADS ascii directly to provide full support, including automatically generated layer stackups, hole charts, and assembly drawings. The drag and drop interface makes quick work of creating drawings. I have no particiption in the company, but am a happy user. One warning: It is very expensive. If you do a lot of drawings, and want easy and full control over the details, it's worth it.

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                                Has this feature been included into new features of PADS yet?


                                I would like to see the Drill Table and Symbols on the Drill Drawing Layer within the PADS environment. I think this would clear up this issue as PADS could then access the data natively as generated gerbers or PDF.



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                                  You can used the attached BAS file to add a visible drill table to a layout.

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