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    DxDesigner dying


      I'm have two big problems with DxDesigner:


      1) It's slow.  I mean REALLY slow. If I select Setup/Settings it takes about 10 seconds for the Settings window to pop up.  Same problem for parts; click a part and it's 10 seconds before it appears in the PlaceSymbol window.  This happens for all projects.

      2) It doesn't save settings, like borders, or special components.  If I set those up it works fine, but if I exit and come back, they're gone.  I don't even have to exit DxDesigner, if I just load a different project and then reload the original, this occurs.  This only seems to be a problem with my new project.

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          You don't provide any details about which version of software or which platform, nor how you have this set up, all these are important to know before we can even suggest a solution. Is this new or has it always been the same?

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            Sorry for lack of information.  I just assumed everyone could read my mind.


            I'm running PADS 9.2 on Windows 7.  The not-saving problem is new to this project; I'm trying to copy the schematic to a new project to see if that problem goes away. 


            The slowness problem started quite a while ago, but I just ignored it because, well, I don't know why, I just figured it was because I was bad in a former life.  It might have started when I moved to a new computer and OS, I can't recall.

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              Unfortunately we're not mind readers

              How is your environment set up, is everything on your computer or is the project/data on a server somewhere?


              Are you running the iCDB Server Monitor? This would be the first thing to try, it will alert you to any performance issues with either your environment or project. You can start this from the Start Menu  under the Mentor Graphics SDD - System Tools. Run this and see if it flags anythig unusual, if not then we need to look at where your files are stored.

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                Ok, the new project seems to save settings.  Not sure what was wrong with the OLD project, but problem mysteriously solved.  Still slow, though.

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                  I don't have iCDB monitor listed under System Tools; the only program listed is Autobackup Utility.  All my files are local. No remote server involved.

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                    Here's another bit of info.  A while back I was a beta-tester for Expedtion PE (or whatever it was called). I had to disable PADS 9.2 in order to run the beta software, and then re-enable PADS 9.2 .  Maybe something went wrong there?

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                      are you experiencing slow even when you right click on a symbol?


                      i got a similar kind of problem , but after i updated mgls.dll file the dxdesigner worked fine(i am using a server licnese at that time)


                      you can updated mgls.dll through mentor license utility

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                        Do you install the software yourself? If so install the monitor and run it, it is a 'lightweight' utility which won't impact on your day-to-day work but can highlight issues with your setup. Also, do you have sheet backups enabled?  This can slow down project loading but doesn't generally affect other areas of performance such as you're experiencing. If you get no success then open an SR with Customer Support.

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                          Have you removed the Expedition PE software? If not I suggest you do the following.

                          Remove the PE software using the Mentor Uninstall program.

                          After that open a CMD window navigate to the PADS install and the win32 directory, run configurator -clean followed by configurator with no options. That should clean up your environment of any residual variables from the PE install. You can do this even if you've uninstalled PE.

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                            Yes, complete removal of the software and environment clean should be done. During the beta testing, customers were notified that the testing needed to be done from a separate WDIR from their current working WDIR. You will need to point your environment back at your Pads writeable WDIR directory.


                            Good Luck


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                              Okay, now this is becoming a nightmare.


                              I uninstalled PE, but it also uninstalled PADS 9.2, or partially uninstalled it-eliminated desktop shortcuts and who-knows-what-else.  So I ran the installation for 9.2 update 2, and got the error message : common/win32/lib/presym70.ocx failed to load...run Dependency Walker.  I tried to run DxDesigner anyway after the installation completed, and got a message that dxdesigner failed and I should look at the "minidump" file in WDIR


                              1) What is Dependency Walker? Where is it? 

                              2) Where is WDIR?

                              3) Why does Mentor Graphics hate me?

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                                Ok, found the minidump file.  Here it is.exception code 0xC015000F

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                                  At this point you should contact SUpport so they can work with you to resolve this issue.


                                  One more question...


                                  Did you run Configurator -clean, and then Configurator with no options?




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