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    Analog Simulation in a BoardStation environment


      I would like to find out what other BoardStation users are using for analog simulation. The release notes for XE2007 indicate Accusim (which we have been using for about 20 years) is no longer supported in the windows (which we are moving to) environment. Our old environment (HP-UX) is also no longer supported for any tools. What are you using for your simulation?

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          Why and what:

          For the sake of discussion and because the question has come up before, I'll respond to this post on why this happened, what can be done going forward.

          It is correct that We stopped support of AccuSim on windows as of BSXE2007.



          We did a fairly extensive calldown to known users and contacts to determine the need for the tool running on windows, and had minimal responses and those that responded told us they were no longer using the tool on the windows platform. We do not tend to continue operations that no-one wants to invest in, so we announced the decision in the release notes. Anyone we had missed in the calldown or had changed their platform strategies in the meantime would encounter that and history has taught us would bring the issue forward. One example is this post.




          AccuSim is available on both the Solaris and Linux operating systems. Using an emulator, such as Hummungbird Exceed, the Desktop or laptop can be used to run AccuSim with no problems-- We have been doing this internally for about nine months now and have had no problems. Actually, AccuSim seems to run faster this way.

          One can also load Linux on a virtual machine (VMware), and run AccuSim on the desktop that way.

          Using the linux machine as a "server", you only need one machine to service a number of users.



          We understand and realize that the above does not provide a 100% unified platform experience, however it does provide a solution for those migrating away from the HP-UX to a unified, cost effective platform environment.

          We are exactly looking for this type of feedback to make our business and technical decisions.

          We will not shy away to rectify decision made if they turn out to hurt both your and our businesses.



          Call to Action:

          Please let us know about your requirements to run AccuSim on a windows platform so we can make better well founded decisions that impact your ability to design, verify and implement, and ours to run a profitable business.