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    Differences of capabilitoes between System Vision and Hyperlynx Analog


      I'm looking to get a comparrison between the 2 anaolg simultors availbe from Mentor. We use EE on Linux, so System Vision is a non starter because its Windows only. Can Hyperlynx Analog perform the same functions as System Vision in terms of mixed signal simulation? What are the differences between the tools in this regard?

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          This question of the comparison would be best answered by your Sales Team without divulging your simulation requirements in this online forum, But...


          Yes! HyperLynx Analog supports mixed signal simulation.  HyperLynx Analog is a front end integrating DxDesigner schematics to several simulation tools including.

               A Base SPICE simulator included with HLA

               The ELDO SPICE simulator

               Questa ADMS Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification


          Although the integration of Schematics to Models differs from that used in System Vision, System Vision is also built on a version of the Questa ADMS simulator.  HLA is specifically designed to simulate subsections of a PCB up to the entire PCB, without impacting the ability to create a correct by construction printed circuit board.


          HLA also functions well and is supported in both the Windows and Linux operating system environments.