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Reduce layer count without effecting routing in other layers

Question asked by on Sep 18, 2013
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Hello every one!


This is my first post at Mentor community!


I have been using PADS 9.2 since an year. I have an typical requirement for one of my projects. I have already done a layout design in 8 layers for one of the project. Now the same design is to be done in a six layer stack up by reducing/deleting internal power planes - layer 4 and layer 5.


I have deleted the existing planes across layer 4 and laer 5 in the design and there are no other components except the vias for signals that are routed in the other routing layers. Now, when i try to modify the layer count i.e., reduce it from 8 to 6, there's a prompt which says 'Delete all the objects in the layer before deleting layer itself". I can't delete the vias as they would disturb my routing across routing layers.


Request for suggestion whether there Is better a way by which layer count can be reduced from 8 to 6 without deleting the existing routing!


Thank you,

Dhirendra Singh S