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    Multicore ID's



      I have a harness with 6 different pieces of Multicore cables within the harness.  I can't use the part number as the multicore ID because two of the part numbers are doubled.  Right now, they're assigned as cable 1 thru cable 6.  I've modified the multicores to link the correct part number to each multicore, but I am unable to show the correct part number in the BOM.  The BOM only shows 'MULTICORE-CABLE1, MULTICORE-CABLE2...)  etc. with their respective lenghts. 



      Is there a way for the BOM to use the Part Number assigned to the multicore instead of the Multicore ID?



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          The Multicore ID is the unique ID for the cable and so you shouldn't really use the part number in the Multicore ID field.  The process is as follows:


          1. Define the Wires that are part of the multicore (either from the Wire Modify dialog or directly in the multicore dialog)

          2. Assign the part number to the multicore

          3. Link the Wires to the Inner Cores defined in the component database

          4. Define the cut back node points on the harness (in order to show where the outer insulation sheath is cut back to)


          If you follow those steps there doesn't seem to be a problem with the Multicore Cables appearing on the BOM.

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            I have a problem where VeSys Classic Harness does not recognise the assigned cut-back nodes, also it reports the multicore (named AUX03) has no part number.

            The cable is constructed correctly in Components DB

            The individual wires have the multicore id AUX3 set individually in wire props.

            The harness 'modify multicore' dialog is completed with part number including and each wire of the multicore construction linked to the individual wire numbers.

            Nodes are placed and using the second properties tab (Multicore Cables) has been assigned to m/core AUX3


            BOM added to drawing sheet from the menu includes the multicore part number but as an item with qty 1 (not length in mm)

            Manufacturing report, multicores, shows no lengths as it does not recognise the cut-back nodes, it does not even show the total cut length.

            I really do not know what else to try, any assistance would be greatly appreciated




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