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    Moving/placing a drawing cell into the design.


      Hello All,


      I'm trying to find a way to place and/or move a drawing cell into the design.



      Dwg = "A3_DWG"


      set CellsCol = pcbdoc.cells                                                                                '  Collect all the cells in the design

          For Each Cell in CellsCol                                                                               '  Search for the Drawing in the Cell Collection

               if Cell.Name = Dwg Then                                                                           '  And When found

                     set CompsColl = Cell.components                                                       '  Get the component that the drawing belongs to

                     for each Comp in CompsColl

                          if Comp.Placed = true Then                                                            ' If the cell is placed then

                               Call Comp.Move(FrameX, FrameY, epcbUnitCurrent)                    ' move it to the correct position

                          Else                                                                                             ' If the cell is not placed in the design

                               call pcbDoc.PutComponent(Dwg, False, FrameX, FrameY, 0)       ' Place it in the design

                          End If


                End if




      When the drawing is already placed in the design, it is moved to the X,Y position defined by FrameX and FrameY.  When the cell is in the design, but not placed I want to place it.

      But it appears to be not possible with the PutComponent method, although no warnings/errors are issued


      Any hints to put me in the right direction?


      Regards, Charles