problem with cell editor

Discussion created by ranjithrathode on Sep 24, 2013
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I just installed Expedition 7.9.3 on my windows 7 machine . Once i installed, i invoked library manager and trying to create a new cell but the cell editor is not invoking. I even tried to edit the cell which is already created. Its not displaying any error nor invoking.  Actually it worked good before, later i installed 7.9.4 without removing 7.9.3


At that time i used 7.9.4, Later i uninstalled 7.9.4 and trying to work with 7.9.3 and this problem arrived. I even tried uninstalling 7.9.3 and reinstalled the same. even though the same problem. I think i need to set the ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLE.


I really not knowing what the issue is, I am trying since 2 day. I am hopeless.  Please help me