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    problem with cell editor




      I just installed Expedition 7.9.3 on my windows 7 machine . Once i installed, i invoked library manager and trying to create a new cell but the cell editor is not invoking. I even tried to edit the cell which is already created. Its not displaying any error nor invoking.  Actually it worked good before, later i installed 7.9.4 without removing 7.9.3


      At that time i used 7.9.4, Later i uninstalled 7.9.4 and trying to work with 7.9.3 and this problem arrived. I even tried uninstalling 7.9.3 and reinstalled the same. even though the same problem. I think i need to set the ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLE.


      I really not knowing what the issue is, I am trying since 2 day. I am hopeless.  Please help me

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          It sounds like you have worked in an existing library. You may have to delete the EE7.9.3 and EE7.9.4 software and re-load.


          But the first thing to try is to go into Library Manager and create a new library. Don't delete the existing library. Open the new library with Library Manager and start Cell Editor. If you can work properly in the new library, the software load is good.  In the new library, close Cell Editor and open Library Services. Use Library Services to copy one cell from the old libary into the new library.  Start the new library's Cell Editor and open the copied cell.  If it can edit the copied cell, all is good and you can copy the rest of the cells into the new library.  If you can't edit the copied cell and you have an old library with a lot of cells, then contact Mentor support for help.  There are tools that the end user can use to fix things but you don't want to go through that learning curve now.


          Follow the same steps for the parts in the PDB.  It is possible that a part will copy but when you open the PDB editor you will find a property/attribute missing. If the part is copied and you can edit the part, then that property/attribute is not in the new library's delivered setup.  Opening the library in a newer version of the software normally automatically updates the library to that software's version property/attributes. Moving back and forth through software versions can lead to not being able to work in a library with a certain version of the software.


          Good Luck

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            Thank you strangd,


            The information what you gave is valuable. I really thank you. Its working now. i created new library and there the cell editor is working. I copied the cells from my old exsisting libray to the new library there i can edit the cells.


                           But one more problem i came over yesterday, When i am opening the Expedition from start programm. its taking lot of time to invoke as well an error message. Please find  in the attachments.


                           Please let me what exactly i should do.

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              ... please check all Path-references both in your current directory [C:\MentorGraphics\7.9.4EE\SDD_ADDINS\...] as within all your AddIn script- & ini- files etc!


              Maybe it is just a

              * write error in some script [*.vbs]

              * erroneous reference in a [*.ini] - File

              * declaration error

              * erroneous reference to 'old' ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLE



              Have you installed Expedition with full admin rights?

              Maybe that is the cause of the problem.


              best regards


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                As JWE states - you do need admin rights when loading the software.


                There may be two problems.  Starting slow and not running the script.  JWE handled the script. The most common starting slow problem would the software hunting for a non-existent license server.


                You may want to go to the Windows Start menu and under Accessories select Command Prompt.  When the window opens type in: set
                Hit the Enter key.  You should see a list of Environmental Variables. Look for a line that starts with MGLS_LICENSE_FILE or if that is not there look for LM_LICENSE_FILE. Most installations have only one license sever so after the = sign, there will be an IP address like 1717@<server_name>  or C:\ProgramData\mgc\License.dat.  You do not want to see a ";" if you know that you do not have more that one Mentor FlexLM license server.  If you had a local test license or hardware key and now you have a site license server or the other way around, then your computer will spend a long time looking for that non-existent license server and the software will be VERY slow in starting.


                While you are looking at the Command Prompt window study the rest of the Environmental Variables.  Any thing that looks to have a Mentor directory path should be checked to make sure that the path is really on your hard drive.


                Good Luck

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                  Thanks strangd and jwe for your reply, Now i am not getting any error regarding this.