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DxDesigner Cross Probe:  What's the deal?

Question asked by H'ville_Jim on Sep 25, 2013
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In Design Capture (2005) cross probing worked wonderfully for us during design reviews. For instance, if we wanted to review a DDR layout we would:


  1. 1)     Setup the cross probe settings so that Select was OFF and Highlight was ON.
  2. 2)     Then highlight all of the chips involved. The CPU and several DDR chips were highlighted. These would be across many pages on the schematic. The pads and part outlines were solidly highlighted.
  3. 3)     Then highlight all of the address lines.
  4. 4)     Then clear the highlights with the lampshade button, start back at #2, and then select the data lines.


When we did this, we didn’t have to hold down CTRL or anything like that. Highlights held until we cleared them with the lampshade (clear highlights) button.


When we upgraded to Design Capture 2007, things got goofy. Cross probing was “updated” so that highlighting didn’t hold the highlight as you moved from part to part unless you held CTRL. I was told that this is what the customers wanted, which sounds funny since that’s how Select works. And the parts wouldn’t highlight pads solidly unless you messed around with the Display Solid Color button. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. However, I found a way to trick it into working like it did in the 2005 version (long story). This was irritating, but it could still be used if you knew the “trick”.


Now I’m evaluating DxDesigner. I can’t do what I want to do (as described in # 1-4 above). Highlights don’t stay highlighted. I can’t “trick” it into working. I can’t cross probe across multiple pages without the highlights disappearing when I go to a new page. Am I doing something wrong? Is this how it is supposed to work?