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    Use DxDatabook to change values


      I am having a problem using DxDataBook to change components to have a new value  e.g. change a resistor value from 1k to 10k.



      Our libraries are set up with 1 entry per component. I use the "Load into DxDataBook" to set up a query to find the existing part, and then delete the value for the search.  This then gives me a list of all the different values available.  I select the 10k entry and click "Annotate component with all properties".  This seems to work fine.  Then I select another 1k resistor in the schematic, and again in DxDataBook I click "Annotate component with all properties".  Instead of changing the part I selected, DxDesginer unselects it and then re-selects the original resistor and changes it again.


      How do I make DxDesigner/DxDataBook change the new resistor that I selected?


      We are using DxDesigner/DxDatabook version EE7.9.4u6

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          After annotating the new value to the first component you will need to select then load the second component into databook, otherwise the seach is still working on the original component you loaded.

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            Is there any way of doing the search without it being associated with a specific part in the schematic?  Sometimes I have to change several fields to change the value (part label, package size, footprint, tolerace, rating, value, etc.)  I have to do this on maybe 20 parts in one part of circuit that all change from the same value to the same new value.


            The manual for DxDatabook does not say that the search can only be used to change the part you did the lookup on.  In fact it doesn't differentiate between "Search" and "Load" except that you cannot change library, but since I only have 1 library that doesn't make any difference to me.  It also says that you can select several parts and do the load, but this gives an error saying that you can't do it from viewdraw.


            I tried to use replace symbol/part (the DC method), but this only gives a "generic part", so it doesn't have any values.


            I'm sure there must be a way to do what I want, but I'm at a loss.

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              Use Find or Find/Replace depending on how many properties you need to change. Use Find and select the objects found, then modify the property from the properties dialog. Once complete you can run a verification against DxDaataBook to ensure the parts have all the necessary properties, either a new Live Verification or a Hierarchical Verification.

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                Unfortunately, because of the way our library works, if I change the value, a number of other parameters change too.  If I don't change all of them correctly, then the part verify fails, and I have to go back and manually find the parts again and annotate them.  At the moment, it seems that I have to do the load, search and annotate part by part.


                I was hoping that I had just missed a step somewhere, but alas it seems no.


                I have raised an idea that "loading" a part into DxDesigner allows you to annotate the properties to other parts, rather than just the one that was loaded (as is suggested is the case in the DxDataBook documentation).

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                  If you know which properties change with a change of value then change all the properties on the parts selected by Find. If you make a mistake Verify will find it.

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                    Your Idea posting is really asking for the same as the top idea D2245 - Ability to replace a part on the schematic using a new part in DxDataBook.This is in our plans but not scheduled for a release yet. The requirements include the ability to 'load' a number of symbols from DxDesigner to be replaced from DxDataBook. This being the case I will mark your Idea as Out-of-scope with an explanation.