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Use DxDatabook to change values

Question asked by aclark on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by robert_davies

I am having a problem using DxDataBook to change components to have a new value  e.g. change a resistor value from 1k to 10k.



Our libraries are set up with 1 entry per component. I use the "Load into DxDataBook" to set up a query to find the existing part, and then delete the value for the search.  This then gives me a list of all the different values available.  I select the 10k entry and click "Annotate component with all properties".  This seems to work fine.  Then I select another 1k resistor in the schematic, and again in DxDataBook I click "Annotate component with all properties".  Instead of changing the part I selected, DxDesginer unselects it and then re-selects the original resistor and changes it again.


How do I make DxDesigner/DxDataBook change the new resistor that I selected?


We are using DxDesigner/DxDatabook version EE7.9.4u6