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    Double-clicking on properties


      I haven't done any DxDesigner schematic work for a while, and I was a bit surprised to find today, that I can double-click on a Property, and the Property opens for editing (the cursor shows up in the property string). While this seems like a nice function, I'm a bit concerned that it appears I can edit Properties that have been set to "not overridable" in the Property Definition Editor. So, something like a resistor value can be changed quite easily by double-clicking on it, even though you can't edit that property if you select that part and go to the properties window. Since we have a "fully integrated" library, we don't want designers editing certain properties (each part in the library has a unique part number). Is this a bug, or by design? If by design, how can we set a property to be "uneditable"? We use DxDatabook, if that matters.


      If this is a bug, I'll be happy to start an SR. Looking for input right now.




      Tom D.