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DexDesigner 9.3.1. Trouble assigning Ref Designators, Error 5709: Could not open schematic MYSCH-REV01

Question asked by myuksel1 on Sep 30, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by tshepherd

Hello Forum,


When I try to assign designators to my SCH file I get the following errors and warnings:



Started  C:\MentorGraphics\9.3.1PADS\SDD_HOME\wv\win32\bin\pcbui.exe -p  "C:\work\schematic\MYSCH-REV01.prj" MYSCH-REV01  -hideresultstab
pcbfwd "MYSCH-REV01"  -config C:\work\Config\PADs.cfg STD
View help for this messageNote 5996: Using Config  File C:\work\Config\PADs.cfg
View help for this messageWarning 5720: Check  MYSCH-REV01.err for VIEWBASE messages
View help for this messageError 5709: Could not open  schematic MYSCH-REV01
View help for this messageNote 5626: Summary of Log  Files/pcb.err
Status 0, Notes 1,  Warnings 1
Errors 1, Failures 0, Fatals 0,  Internals 0
PCB Forward Interface - V6.1;  DxDesigner EE7.9.2 (456558)
c Copyright  2011 Mentor Graphics Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

PCBASG netlisting is  completed with errors. Check pcb.err file for notes and  information.


Finished  C:\MentorGraphics\9.3.1PADS\SDD_HOME\wv\win32\bin\pcbui.exe



Any suggestions on what is causing this and how to diagnose and fit it?