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    Setup-Settings-Licensing-Hyperlynx Analog


      It looks like version 7.9.4 and 7.9.5 have a default setting in the Setup-Settings-Licensing, to grab a license for Hyperlynx Analog (not sure why this would be default behavior). We don't want our DxDesigner users grabbing the one license we have for this feature, when 99 times out of 100, they don't need it, or want it. Is it possible to control this setting through our Corpoarte WDIR settings? I looked in the DxDesigner.xml file, and didn't find that setting, but I did find it in a file that resides in my local WDIR, DxDesigner.wsp.

      So, is it possible to control this setting, or is it time to send out an email to all users, telling them to uncheck this box?


      Thanks in advance for any guidance.


      Tom D.


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          The setting is written to the DxDesigner.wsp file but only when the user makes a change, by default HyperLynx Analog should not be selected (checked in clean 7.9.4/5 install and VX.1). The DxDesigner.wsp file can't be controlled via the WDIR path, it has already been requested on Ideas as D2699.

          If your users have HyperLynx Analog checked out in their settings then you will have to notify them and ask them to change the setting.