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    what is the best way to update border text


      What is the best way to update information on a border? Should people go to Settings, Borders and Zones, pick the pre determined Landscape size than click on Border Properties to update the fields or can the engineers right click on the border and edit the border properties from there?





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          Depends on what properties they are trying to update

          • @properties - use Tools > Update Other Objects - and choose properties
          • other properties use the video at the bottom of step 2 in TechNote mg529885 it walks through using the borders.ini file and the Setup > Settings > Borders and Zones
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            We use Scout to update any border format propertys.  I created a script where the user fills out all the required fields, then saves the changes to a scout.ini file that's in the project, then they run Scout.  We've been doing this since ePD2005 and it works well for us.


            I've never looked a the Mentor border properties because in ePD2005 Mentor thought that a company would only use one border format.  We use at least 3 that I know of.   I may be wrong but I don't think the border properties support more than one border format.



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              Cool!  I never knew about Scout.  Can you upload your script?

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                I'm sorry, but there's way too much red tape I'd have to go through to get permission to upload the script.  It's not just the script, we also created default scout.ini files for each border format.


                If I were you, I'd learn how the Scout.ini file controls Scout.  The script wasn't that hard to write.  What it does is takes the data the user fills out in the form, copies in a default scout.ini file and modifies the file with the form information.


                We like it because it always puts the form data in the correct location and the correct text size and it's pretty easy for our users to use.


                Let me know if I can answer any more questions.



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                  To update all borders at once use Tools - Update Other Objects and select Properties and Print Order. This will update the sheet numbering based on the navigator order and the sheet numbering scheme chosen and update the @PRINTORDER property on the sheet (see the Tech Note referenced by Shannon or the on-line help for more details). If you use SCOUT you won't gain the benefit of the navigator sheet order.

                  If you wish to update individual sheets with different information then use the right mouse context menu, but take into consideration that you have to do this for each sheet and that if you run the Tools - Update Other Objects command it will overwrite the data.