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    help me about DRC, please!



      i'm a beginer of Calibre. I wanna use calibre -drc. i have a circuit diagram of Orcad with "sch" format, a layout result is exported "gds" format. i'd like to ask:



      In "Calibre -drc rule file"  of C -DRC , what kind of format (or file) will I insert ? and where is that file from ? can u guide clearly?



      thank a lot!



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          Hi there! Calibre DRC is for IC design. The fabs that the chips are manufactured at will have the Calibre DRC rule files, because they contain the manufacturing constraints for that specific process.


          Therefore, if you are designing a chip, you need to download the DRC rule file from the foundry web site.


          Hope this helps!



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            i'm only a student . i'm studing about Calibre. Therefore, i have no any documents or fads of manufacturer. I only have some simple diagrams  from Orcad. I created Spice netslit  from that diagrams. How will i use Spice netslit for "Calibre -drc rule files"? I designed   layout that diagram and have "gds" format. what will i do to RUN Calibre  DRC?






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              Hi. I think that it will be very difficult for you to create a DRC rule file by yourself. Therefore, I think you should try to download a DRC rule file. Are you at a university? Most universitieswill have access to a university consortium that has access to manufacturing test chips. These consortiums will have Calibre DRC rule files available. You should try to find out how you can manufacture a chip at your university, and they can help you download a DRC rule file.






              But if you would like to create your own rule file, please look in the software tree for the documentation. Look for a file called svrf_ur.pdf






              In the SVRF manual, look at  Chapter 8: Rule File Examples. Here you can copy or make your own rule file.






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