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Adding PCB DECAL to part doesn't show up in ASC file

Question asked by sutton on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by sutton

I'll try to be brief on a convoluted problem.  I contract out for all of our layout work - I use PADS 9.5 for our schematic entry work.  Our layout guy has PADS 7.  So, he enters all the footprints in PADS 7 version of his library and I convert it to 9 using Libconv9 when he adds new parts to the library.  So, theoretically my PADS9 lib should be a copy of his PADS7 lib.  Recently,  I added a new part to our schematic and noticed that when I created an ASC file, the part (J21) didn't show up in the ASC file (which gives warnings of single net issues because the net doesn't connect anywhere without J21 in the ASC file).  I noticed there was no PCB DECAL associated with J21.  So, he sent the library (PADS 7 version) of the footprint for J21 and I converted it (no errors), grabbed the footprint and assigned it to J21, 'recompiled' using Layout NetList and J21 still does not exist in the ASC file.  Why?  I'm been trying for hours to figure out why, but no luck.  What am I missing?  Thanks.