New NVIDIA Driver 320.92

Discussion created by Jerry_Suiter on Oct 4, 2013
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We have been working with NVIDIA on the performance issues related to their latest drivers.  At this time we validated that the driver released this week, 320.92, does have performance improvements specific to Expedition PCB.  Our results show if you use this latest driver with the Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming Global Preset, the performance is comparable with the 276.28 version of the driver.  If you compare the 276.28 Base preset to the 320.92 Workstation preset the graphics system is actually ~30% faster based on the initial evaluation we have done.


We continue to evaluate this driver with our suite of NVIDIA graphics hardware but at this time it appears anyone who was seeing performance issues with the latest driver should load this one and evaluate.  Please make sure you use the Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming Global Preset since it will not be remember when you load a newer driver.


It would also be helpful if you find success or issues with this driver, please respond to this thread.



Jerry Suiter

Product Marketing Director