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    Cross probe with DxDataBook live verify


      I am having a problem with the cross probing using DxDataBook Live Verify.   The cross probing does not open any sheets, nor zoom onto the component selected.  It does highlight the part if the sheet is already open, but I have to manually select that sheet, zoom out to see which part and then zoom back in to see in more detail.


      I am using EE7.9.4u6 if that make any difference.


      I do not have "Limit ...already open documents set":


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          Can you clarify?  DxDataBook Live Verify is a current sheet only. Hierarchial Verification is across the project.


          We don't typically call that cross-probing so I would hazard a pretty confident guess that the cross probing settings don't affect the selection.

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            OK, sorry, I'll try to clarify.  I assumed that it was using cross-probe, so I checked the settings, in case it made a difference.  One thing - when you change the cross-probe settings, it closes the verification window, so I assume that it is related in some way.


            When I use live verify on a page, it seemed to highlight the component that you selected in DxDataBook, but if it wasn't currently on the screen, it didn't move the screen or change the zoom.


            When I used Hierarchial Verification, it behaved similarly.  It the sheet wasn't already open, it didn't open it.  It the sheet was open, but wasn't the current sheet in view, it didn't swap to the sheet.  If the sheet was in view, it didn't change where you were on the page, or zoom level.


            For the hierachial verification, I ended up having to use find to search for the component in the project.

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              There are some cross probe settings in the Dxdatabook Configuration


              Right click -> Configure -> Edit Configuration -> Properties -> Cross Probing


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                Thanks Matthias.  It now zooms to where the components are.  I didn't think of looking for cross-probe control in DxDataBook - I figured zoom or not would be set in DxDesigner which actually does the zoom.


                However, it still will not open a sheet that is not open, or switch to a sheet that is already open.  That means I am still using "Find" to search for the reference designators that verify finds one by one.


                I must be missing something else.

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                  You're not missing somethng else, this is how it works, it doesn't open sheets during cross-probe. DxDataBook's cross-probe settings are independent of those in the main DxDesigner application.