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how to purge local symbol definition

Question asked by Thomas.DeSmit on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by robert_davies

I've got an issue that is driving me crazy! This started when I went to add a new PDB to the library, I found a symbol that was used on another part, that was pin for pin the same as the part I was wanting to add, but because it was a "converted" symbol (from our PCAD library, a few years back), it had a couple of strange pin naming issues that I wanted to clear up. I fixed the pins in Symbol Editor, and completely rebuilt the PDB where it was used (deleted the gate information, deleted the attached symbol), the rebiuilt then PDB.  I then added my "new" PDB, for the new part mentioned at the beginning of this.


I guess I must have had the older PDB definition in my "test" DxDesigner project (the one I use to test out new parts when they are added to the lib), because when I went to test the "new" part, I got packager errors, here's the error:


Target PDB Name: Integration\LocalPartsDB.pdb

ERROR: Symbol "UNRELEASED:XMEGA256A3-MH" of Part "112549" specified
a pin named "GND-7". The same symbol was previously defined
on Part "86802" with this pin named "GND__BOTT_".
Symbols with the same name must have identical pin names.


I have deleted both "parts" using this symbol, from this project, packaged, forward annotated, with no problems. When I try to add the initial part back on, I get this error again, even though the PDB has been fixed in the library. I've even gone back in and completely rebuilt this PDB again, removing the gate and symbol info, and adding it back.

So, how can I get DxDesigner to "forget" the local, screwed up definition of this symbol? The packager option I am using is "delete local data....", but that doesn't help. Can I somehow edit, or delete the local "LocalPartsDB.pdb"?

This is driving me nuts!




Tom D.