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Text alignment varies

Question asked by aclark on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2013 by Gary_Lameris

I am having a problem with text alignment.  I've looked in this discussion, which seems to be closed, but none of the suggestions there have helped.  I am using DxDesigner 7.9.4u6


The text I am having the trouble with is netname labels.  Other text such as symbol properties and schematic notes do not have this problem.  Sometimes the text alignment changes so much I have to widely space components on the sheet to avoid the netname crashing into symbols.


In this example, the nets are identical length short sections between a conenctor pin, and on-page connector.  The text alignment changes with zoom level, and when printed or a PDF generated.  The alignment error seems to vary as well - at one zoom level one property may to the right of all the others, and at another zoom level to the left. Also zooming in and out seems to vary which properties move and in which direction; even if I only zoom one mouse wheel click in and then out again.


e.g. screen captures:

DxD_Zoom1.PNG DxD_Zoom2.PNG


e.g. from export PDF.  Left is using "system fonts" the right is using "stroke fonts" as suggested in the other discussion. You can see the font changes, but the alignement is the same:

DxD_Zoom_pdf1.PNG DxD_Zoom_pdf2.PNG

Changing the zoom level and re-aligning does not help.  When I change the zoom or print, the alignment still varies.


I have checked in the properties window that all properties have the same origin position "Lower Left".


I have also pulled the properties away from the net to confirm that they are all anchored to the centre of the net.  One thing strange, is all of the properties say origin "Lower Left", but the line showing the property owner comes from the lower right.  I have tried using the mirror and rotate buttons, but the line always comes from the lower right, and the test still says origin "Lower Left".  When I do the mirror and rotate, I don't see anything saying that the test is "mirrored" or "rotated" - is this information shown somewhere else?  However, in this example, the nets have always been like this, always horizonal.