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Controlling DxPDF export

Question asked by ian.thomas1 on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by raliesch

Hi, Started trying to use DxPDF export instead of printing to PDF to use some of the additional features like imbedded URL's.  Had to change our DxDatabook entries for Datasheet to use / and not \,  that works fine still in Dx.

And cannot get to see URL in the PDF, issue is there seems no way to control the property going into the PDF, it's appears remote from the symbol shown as Datasheet.  I always thought it would be a pop-up.


I get a pop-up for symbol and properties when selecting the component, but the URL in the properties does not link, my only link is accessable when the option of visible component/net hyperlink is selected which as stated makes a mess of the schematic.


Is there a way to add a pop-up for the datasheet URL.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Ian